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6 week Copywriting program for story-driven ENTREPRENEURS


Hunting for sales copy that hits home, emails that make an impact, or real-talk content? CopyMagic is your ticket. With us, content isn't just king – it's pure magic.

We mix smart
with straight up storytelling

Armed with years of experience and slightly spooky insight into what readers are really after...

I've been there too. And friend, there's a better way.

You're publishing content and sending out emails, but without a clear plan or understanding of your audience's journey.

Lack of Strategy

Different team members writing for various channels can lead to a patchwork brand voice that confuses customers.

Inconsistent Brand Voice

Your emails get ignored, and your copy doesn't drive action. It's frustrating to see low open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Low Engagement

Despite having a great product or service, your brand sounds just like everyone else's. You struggle to stand out in a saturated market.

Generic Messaging

Have You been struggling with...

We've all been there. Staring at a blank screen, waiting for the right words to flow, only to be met with... crickets. Writing copy shouldn't feel like a showdown with the blinking cursor.

If you've found yourself hitting that backspace more than you'd like to admit or second-guessing every line you write, trust me, you're in good company.

Feeling stuck when you sit down to write copy? You're not alone.




That's why we're flipping the script. Instead of getting trapped in the 'write and erase' cycle, we equip you with the real-deal strategies, grounded lessons, and a sprinkle of that 'aha!' magic.

Say goodbye to that nagging doubt and hello to writing with gusto. With us on your side, you won't just find your brand's voice – you'll have it echoing loud and clear.

Wrestling with words? Been there. Second-guessing every sentence? Done that. 

And guess what? I've watched my engagement rates soar and my conversion metrics defy what I once thought possible.

With the tools and techniques from CopyMagic, I've mastered the alchemy of turning simple words into compelling narratives. 

Remember the days when you’d curl up with a book, losing yourself in tales of wonder, every word pulling you deeper? Now, rewind to a few weeks ago when you sat in front of your computer, fingers hovering over the keyboard, feeling that overwhelming pressure. The challenge? To craft content that captures that same essence of storytelling, that same tug at the heartstrings.

That’s my story. Or, at least, it was.

I felt that crippling uncertainty, doubting every word I typed. Yet, here I am, having transformed not only my relationship with writing but my business's trajectory.

Transform Your Words from Mundane to Magnetic

e-commerce entrepreneur

Sarah Williams

Their team captured the essence of my brand and transformed it into words that resonated with my customers. The web copy they crafted not only beautifully showcased my products but also convinced visitors to make a purchase. Thanks to their expertise, my conversion rates have skyrocketed, and I'm thrilled with the results!

Working with Max was a game-changer for my biz

Startup Founder

Mark Davidson

As a startup founder, I needed copy that would effectively communicate our unique value proposition. CopyVerse Creators went above and beyond, delivering copy that was not only clear and concise but also infused with creativity. They understood the intricacies of our business and translated them into compelling content that captured the attention of potential clients.

Their contribution was instrumental in our successful funding round

Marketing Manager

Lisa Bennett

Partnering with CopyVerse Creators was the best decision we made for our content marketing strategy. Their ability to understand our target audience and industry nuances was impressive. From blog posts to social media updates, their content breathed life into our campaigns, generating engagement and sparking meaningful conversations

Their dedication to quality makes them  invaluable

This is great for featuring modules for a course or membership. If you're not selling a program, you could feature transformations, the client journey, etc. Have more modules to feature? Simply duplicate these sections as many times as needed.

A Peek at the Modules

Headlines That Stop Scrollers in Their Tracks

Unearthing Your Brand's Distinct Voice

The Art of Engaging Copy

Dive deep into the magic of language, crafting words that not only inform but genuinely captivate.

Wordcraft Essentials


From Warm Welcome to Loyal Subscriber: Nurturing the Journey

The Magic of Compelling Subject Lines

Crafting Click-Worthy Emails

Unlock the secrets to emails that people actually want to open, read, and—most importantly—act on.

Email Success Strategies


The Continuous Process: Test, Refine, Repeat

Creating a Content Roadmap that Works

Getting to Know Your Audience Inside-Out

Dive into strategic planning, ensuring every piece of content has a clear intention and direction.

Strategy Success Blueprint


UrbanSprout Designs

Jamie Henderson

Before enrolling in CopyMagic, I was in a constant battle with words. I mean, I’m a designer – not a writer! But as a small business owner, I needed to wear both hats. CopyMagic changed the game for me. The modules were packed with actionable insights and real-world examples that even a 'non-writer' like me could grasp.  Big shoutout to the CopyMagic team – you've added a touch of magic to UrbanSprout Designs!

"Now, my website not only looks good but sounds authentic, and my emails? They're getting opened and acted upon."

Content isn't Just King.
It's Pure Magic.

Ready to transform your words from mundane to magnetic? Dive into CopyMagic and let’s make every word count!

We've distilled years of experience and insights into a comprehensive course that's tailored just for you. 

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Taking the leap into CopyMagic is more than just a monetary commitment; it's an investment in your brand's voice, your message, and your future.

We understand that decisions like this can feel daunting. That's why we've ensured every aspect of this course provides value, insights, and actionable takeaways. Dive in with confidence, knowing that the magic you'll uncover is truly priceless.

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We are confident that CopyMagic will deliver exceptional value and empower you to scale your business with purpose and profitability. We want you to feel completely confident in your decision to join us, which is why we offer a 3-day money back guarantee.

If You Don't Love it within 3 Days, We'll Give You a Full Refund

Money Back guarantee


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